Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New books for The Kang Family library

Ok.  It is time for a little confession.  I am a slight bibliophile.  Slight as in  our bookshelves can't keep up with our books.  (And we are constantly borrowing books from the library, too!)
A little bit of a nut about it, actually.  I LOVE books and I am quite proud to say that I have passed this love of books onto each and everyone of our daughters, so far.  (Heck, even Lilly gets into her books.  She eats them up!  Literally!)  

I am sure that I got the book bug from my parents, although my taste in books was not always quite so refined. (I hate to even admit to this, but I was into SVH back in the day.  Yuck.)  It is because of this obsession with books that we have a little tradition that my parents started a few years back.  Every year, they  give each grandchild a small gift and a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble.  This goes back to the fact that my father loves to peruse Barnes and Noble for many an hour and he assumes that his grandchildren would like nothing more than to do the same.  Like always, father knows best.  This is a much anticipated trip for all of the girls as they get to choose out any book they want (although I gave them a pep talk before going in about choosing treasures instead of a book that they will read in 30 minutes.  Yep, kind of like last year.)  Over all, mission accomplished.  We spent about 2 hours there, with each girl debating between different genres and deciding just how their money would be spent.  Here is what we came home with:
Rachel: Autumn:
Chloe: Hannah:

Now, this is where it gets good. (Because these children are a little bit easier to influence, of course!)
Elise: (She actually chose this one over a Thomas book after we "sampled" each of them.  It is a cute book with great pictures, animal sounds and a nice moral.  Highly recommended read aloud book!)
Lilly:  Now, she was just screaming for these next two books and I must say, good choice!  We have read these books nonstop over the past 24 hours.  Richard Scarry comes with compliments from my childhood.  Great morals taught throughout and cute pictures, along with memories of my parents reading it to me.  And wonderfully enough, the kids love it as much as I do.  LOVE it.  Skippy Jon Jones is a hilarious book about a cat that pretends to be a chihuahua. (complete with the Spanish accent)  Both of these books are wonderful additions to our library, along with all of the other specially picked out treats that will be added to our library.  The real success?  Everyone got hardback (I *hate* paperback and this was part of the little talk we had before going in), nobody got anything too trashy and we saved 20% with our homeschool discount.  Thanks, mom and dad!