Wednesday, June 22, 2011

house guest, kitties and swords...oh my!

Chris' nephew of sorts is here for the week while he goes to a fencing camp so our week was spent trying to make us look less slovenly that we are. The garage was cleaned, the car was cleaned and the guest room was reclaimed. (it had become a craft room part duex of sorts.) All were disgusting and they look pretty fabulous now. Why do I clean for others and not for myself? Maybe because I just don't care? I should because it sure does make the husband happy.

So our guest arrives last night, bearing the best kind of gifts you can give my girls. Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty and more Hello Kitty. But all of this was not nearly as cool as him showing us all of his fencing gear. And because he fences we, of course, had to show him the infamous sword fight in Princess Bride. He probably thought we were dorks, but we did it anyway. And the icing on the cake? He played our cello (apparently it is a baby cello.) and our piano for us this morning. It is always nice having one more person to serenade us on the piano.