Saturday, August 11, 2012

summer happenings

Whew.  Talk about a whirlwind summer of craziness.  I kind of like my summer to include things like spontaneous trips to the beach, sitting by the river and just some plain ole' relaxation.  Not this summer!
Some of our fun this summer has included:
•a yw campout
•getting ready for trek with a large dose of sewing
•getting ready for our exchange student
•lots of driving to efy and soccer camp
•visits from cousins (3 different visits!  What a fun summer!)
•getting ready for our exchange student some more (yep, it takes a lot of work when it includes gutting your craft room.)
•camping (see below)

And what does the rest of our summer include?
•our exchange student (from Korea) is finally coming
•another camping trip
•a benefit concert for starfish
•soccer, soccer and more soccer
•back to school shopping (which is a little different for us homeschooling moms.  I have curriculum to buy instead of clothes, which kind of makes it more mandatory.)
•hopefully at least 2 more trips to the beach.  We're only up to 2 and it is August.  This is very, very wrong.