Friday, February 19, 2010


On today's schedule?

•Presidency meeting (at the park! Who could sit inside on a day like today?)
•Entice the kiddlings to plant the peas
•Take Chloe out for a shoot in her baptism dress (Yes, I have *planned* to do this with the older 2 girls and never cross your fingers for me!)
•Go to the wetlands for some bird watching (although I am pretty sure our noise level will scare away any birds that we are planning on watching.)

What I should be doing today?
•laundry (lots of it)
•overseeing the cleaning of bedrooms
•clean my bedroom (novel concept that is unheard of in our house)

See where my priorities lie? Off to the park! We're going to get there early and try to get some mommy exercise in.

1 comment:

Annalia Romero said...

Your mess will still be there tomorrow. This sunshine might not.