Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our little conference vacation

Last Friday we drove down to Salt Lake City to take the girls to our church's General Conference. Conference is held at Temple Square every October and April and we normally visit our church building to watch it via satellite. (because they actually listen when we are in church and if we watch it on the computer at home, it is a zoo.) When Rachel turned eight, we told her that we would take her to Salt Lake to watch it in real life, but real life kind of got in the way. 2 new babies, a stroke....all sorts of things to get in the way and to make the trip a little difficult. And this year, things have calmed down enough that we decided to go for it. It was wonderful. We met Chris' sister and my nephew there and we each got to go to at least one session. There is really nothing to explain the feelings associated with being in a room (no matter how large or with how many people in it) with a prophet of God. Wow. Conference is always a good time for reevaluating your life and setting new goals so amongst my notes are a few things I am going to be working on. There were a lot of talks on motherhood that were so inspiring that one of my goals is to go back this week and listen to them again! My personal favorites from the session that I attended were by Julie Beck and M Russell Ballard. And here is a quote that I really need:
"A good woman knows that she doesn't have time to do all that her heart yearns to do." {Julie Beck}


Beth Tunnell said...

That is a wonderful quote, Sarah! Thanks for sharing it. Can't wait to come see you guys this weekend. What can we do to help? If you have the chance give me a call.

Annalia Romero said...

We looked for you in the audience! ...didn't see and Kanglings. Next time you all need to wear BRIGHT yellow!

Linda Tunnell said...

So grateful you guys did that for our grandchildren. And you right there is nothing to compare being in the same room as the prophet. I also loved Sis. Becks talk.