Tuesday, July 19, 2011

treats in my mailbox

I got a delicious package in the mail today. (delicious as you can get when one has sworn off sweets for the month.) I got a 5 year journal, which was new to me until a few weeks ago. It has questions on each day of the year for you to answer, but it has spots for you to answer it for 5 years. I anticipate it being fun watching my answers vary over the year...because hopefully I change at least a little bit over the years. Right? And the other treat? A well bound book (because I am a sucker for things like that.) that has simple but cute pages for me to record all of the adorable things that my kids say. When you have a memory (or lack of) like me, you need all of the help that you can get in remembering the hilarious things that your kids spout off. So far? All of the pages are filled with Lilly-isms. Do kids stop saying funny things after 3? I hope not because I was hoping for a book capturing all of their cute sayings.


Emma_ps said...

Thank you for putting these books on your blog I'm a sucker for anything like this and I'm sure Amazon thanks you too! while I was there I added a few more similar ones that I had nevr heard of they make great gifts too!

Cooper Family said...

Now that is the kind of journal I need. That would be fun to see how answers change throughout the years.

Tricia2011 said...

wow 5 year journal, that's amazing:)