Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Today was the big cast removal day!  With the many sad moments that left Elise sitting on the sidelines while everyone else swam, jumped or played on the swing set, she weathered it all pretty well.  It took hot tubbing to finally break her so I did what any sucker of a mom would do...I promised her a trip to the swimming pool as soon as the cast was off.   Yes, it was a little scary when there was talk of another cast, but we made it out of there cast free after all.

So, onto the big news.  Elise learned how to swim today!!  I've been a slacker of a mom when it comes to swimming lessons and all around swimming time, but we took care of that.  We worked on getting her face under the water, blowing bubbles and having tea parties underwater.  Once she would actually put her face underwater while swimming, she instantly was able to swim.  It was so fun to see her able to swim like crazy at the end of our swimming trip after starting out in a life jacket just 45 minutes earlier.  Go, Elise!!!!

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Annalia said...

I know you shouldn't want a cast for it's adorableness....but I can see why some kids do!

Can you tell me again where you got that dress pattern from?