Wednesday, October 14, 2009

an exciting life

today: piano, errands, cooking, part-ay, laundry (while watching Castle and Lie to Me, of course)

tomorrow: find my other knitting needle, school, more laundry, clean, laundry and....laundry?

side note: anyone have a friend that is due soon? (like 2 weeks soon?) Or that just had a baby? I need to try out a cocoon on a newborn and, oddly enough, do not know a soul that is pregnant *and* local.


nikko said...

Sigh. Pregnant, but not very local. :o( Today is laundry day for me, too!

Annalia Romero said...

I know 3 people who just had babies. One of the lives RIGHT by me - of course her baby was 10 lb 8 oz, so I'm not sure he would help you size something for newborns.

Samurai Mom said...

Keira's Sister in law is due in a week or two - girl. She live off of TV highway