Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Autumn time...

I think I figured out some of what made it hard to go to Las Vegas last week. I lived in Las Vegas for about 6 years and I really did enjoy it while we were there. When we moved up here, it amazed me how much I had missed out on by not having seasons. I won't even start about the pumpkin patches that they have to offer there (parking lots with hay bales). I hadn't really even noticed it before, but living in the Pacific Northwest brought out this nature-loving girl who welcomed each new season with child like glee. I find myself excited and just down right giddy at the start of each new season, yet I am ready for it to be over and on with the next one at the end of it.

Towards the end of August, I was so ready for fall. School starting, leaves changing colors, that fabulous fall smell and, yes, even anxious for some rain. (as I am typing, I love hearing the sound of cars driving on the wet roads!) Right as I was settling in for some nice fall weather, we pick up and drive down to summer. I must say, it really put a kink into my fall mode. Knitting season had started, we were back in our school groove and loving the colored trees. As we drove closer to home, I realized what it was all about. It wasn't Las Vegas, but it was the lack of fall. The interruption of my seasonal transition and all of that. And it just feels good to be back home. Home, sweet (dirty and unorganized) home. Its good to be back.

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Linda Tunnell said...

Love you Sarah, even if you do have a dirty unorganized house!I'm miss you all while I'm gone, ...I know I'd be gone anyway , but, its different. Love you sweetie! I'll bring you back something sweet.