Monday, November 16, 2009


Dog: Moo-moo (which is Halmoni's dog's name, so of course all dogs should be called moo-moo, too)
Water: Dado
Mom: a lovely "mummy"
Train: choo choo
Candy: nanee (learned on Halloween, of course)
Baby: baby
Bye Bye: baby (with a wave to prevent too much confusion)
Fish: ish
Chicken: bock bock
Please: pease
Piggy Back Ride: back (with actions asking you to turn around and let her hop on)
Rachel: Dodol
Autumn: Anum
Hannah: Haaaannnnahhhh (calling for her just like mom and dad)

Today's new words are yiy-y (lilly), E-yise (Elise) and O-ee (Chloe). All of these words come compliments of Autumn, who taught her to put her arm out like superman and yell "Lilly!". And apparently, it worked.

My all time favorite thing for Lilly to say right now is when she calls for "mommy", looks me straight in the eyes and says "a boo ba dab a dub a. Da buda ba da bu da. Da buda bad a buda bada." She will continue on for sometime, telling me all of the secrets of her soul and meaning every bit of it. Ah, how I wish I knew what she was thinking. But I do know one thing. It is important and she wants me to know all about it. Sweet little Lilly.

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