Friday, November 6, 2009

move on. nothing to see here.

I have nothing for you. Sorry. It has been such an uneventful week of sickness and blechness and all other forms of ness-es. I am trying to think of something valuable to share here and....nothing. Ok. Much pondering has brought up my new parenting idea that is about 10 years too late. (but genius, nonetheless.)

After sewing camp, all of the girls received lovely $10 gift cards for Joann's from the dear sewing camp ladies. I informed them that they couldn't use them until they sent their thank you notes and the cards have sat on our counter top ever since then. After a quick run to Joann's last week, the kids (and their desire to purchase half of the contents of the store) desire to use their gift cards was renewed and they ran home and all wrote and shipped off their little notes. So here is my new policy with gift receiving: You can't use the toy/present until you have sent off your thank you note. I think it is fabulous and can't wait to see it in effect this Christmas. (and every holiday there after)


Paige said...

That is BRILLIANT. I'm totally going to copy you on that.

Jennifer said...

Yes, this is a GREAT idea and a wonderful way to teach little people to understand the importance of being grateful.

Rachel said...

AWESOME!!!! I'm stealing it, Sarah!