Saturday, May 1, 2010

may day failure

I feel like today was a slight failure. Yes, we made it to the soccer games, the birthday party and even had time to run into costco. (and I do mean run.) The two things that I really wanted to do today that didn't even get close to happening?

1. I SO wanted to deliver some May Day bouquets today with the girls. We didn't even get far enough to get the flowers.
2. I wanted to head over to our local cemetary to start photographing gravestones with the girls. I *did* carry my camera around all day, planning to go. Does that count?

And my question of the day: When did May Day turn into a day of protests instead of a day to deliver flowers and walk around a pole with ribbons? I say we go back to the cooler one.


Beth Tunnell said...

Wow! You are way ahead of me. I completely forgot that it was May Day, and I had all sorts of plans to use our sweet rhodies for may day boquets. At least my very first turkey turned out pretty tasty.

Linda Tunnell said...

we came home to a may day flower bouquet tonight! Did you know people volunteer to photograph cemetarys ?

Annalia said...

I second your vote...and wish I had some flowers. We might have some columbine in bloom?

HCJ said...

May Day is a socialist workers celebration in Europe. The protests are part of that mentality. Pretty much what I would expect for Oregon.