Monday, May 24, 2010

Update: numero tres

Becky Update: numero tres

Today Becky had *the* oncology appointment that we have all been waiting on pins and needles for. This is the one that discussed a more solid treatment plan and the pet scan results....and (can I have a ominous drum roll, please? kind of a dum, dum, dum, DUM?) The cancer has spread to the lungs which means a surgery to remove the tumor from the lungs (that includes 3-5 days in the spa. You know...the spa that has their needle "therapists" wake you up during all hours of the night making sure you can't recover a bit because they won't let you sleep?) and a very not so lovely 4-6 month supply of chemotherapy. Yep. Not exactly what we were hoping for, but a treatment plan nonetheless. And we will all unite, being powered by the love of our Heavenly Father, and press on. We will carry Becky along and make this road as smooth as we can, whenever we can. We love you, Becky.

So after having a good cry (I don't know if my kids knew quite what to do with a mother sobbing in the laundry room while folding clothes and singing comforting hymns....I got some intrigued looks as they passed through the hallway!) I got online and did my research. And registered for the Race for the Cure. Anyone want to join us? Team Becky is going to rock it in Seattle on June 6th and we'd love to have anyone join us. Bring a pink bandana and we'll have a Becky love fest for a leisurely 3.2 mile jaunt.


Becky said...

I wish people would stop making me cry with all of the sentimental lovey dovey crap. (J/K, lol) I love you Sarah and I actually love reading your updates.

Jennifer said...

Sending the very best of wishes to Becky! We are in a similar circumstance with my Dad and will find out tomorrow whether his cancer has spread to his lungs too. He just completed his 2nd round of chemo and still has 5 months or so to go. We are just taking it one day at a time and, like you, we are putting lots and lots of faith in our Heavenly Father. I know that He is completely mindful of Becky and her family and will truly bless them, just as He will my Dad (and Mum.) Yep, she's in the VERY BEST of hands. :0) Warmest wishes to you all.