Monday, May 2, 2011

Paul, the starfish baby with a little gq in him

This is Paul. Not only is he adorable with his naturally occuring faux-hawk, but the only thing that they can find wrong with him is that he is half white. Horrible, isn't it? Apparently, the ladies at the local orphanage didn't want to have much to do with a half-blood of sorts so they concocted a story for Amanda about Paul's blindness. Yet there isn't any sign of vision problems as he is a pretty alert 2 month old who loves making eye contact. He is a little small for his age, but pretty dang healthy compared to the other babies in the starfish isolation room.

There was another baby Amanda got from the orphanage that was "refused" care from the orphanage workers. They claimed that this baby had aids. (and they assumed that this was why he couldn't thrive, even though it probably was because nobody would touch him!) She showed us pictures of him when he came and his skin was hanging off of his bones. The funny (or really not so funny) thing is that the claim that he had aids was not based on any test, but just on word of mouth. Amanda tested him regularly, never receiving abnormal results. When he left the Starfish House, he was a plump and chubby little toddler who had thrived on love.


Samurai Mom said...

He is so adorable. Please tell me someone is adopting him. Brian said "No."

Rima Family said...

What a precious little guy!

Lisa said...

How exciting to be able to work with babies that REALLY need some love. It's heartbreaking hearing the stories you tell about them but how great it is that once they get the love they really need they begin to thrive!

halloweencouple said...

Oh I would love him :)
My husband and I are praying for our miracle to arrive, standing strong in faith, wish he was our miracle!