Monday, May 7, 2012

As you can tell from my serious lack of blogging, I just haven't been feeling the drive to blog.  I have been listening to just a little bit of nagging (ok, a whole heck of a lot of nagging) from my oldest daughter with her threatening to take over my blog.  So here is my feeble attempt to get blogging again.  We'll see how it goes, right?

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day in Oregon.  We were in the high seventies and the sun was a shining.  With our morning already being sucked up by piano (I love piano, but we do spend at least 4 hours there each Monday), we declared today to be a sun day and cancelled school.  We got the Woodwards to join us for a trip to the beach where it was just as beautiful, with just a little bit of wind.
Lilly is apparently a little bit scared of waves still so she spent most of her time in the sand.  If a wave was within 20 feet of her, she was running to the rocks.  It was a little ironic because I think she was more likely to get hurt on the rocks than by 1/2 inch of water.  We have our favorite beaches in the area but the big deciding factor between the two is whether or not we want to visit Tillamook Cheese Factory for cheese and ice cream.  Normally, the call for ice cream wins and we are headed south.   The beach that we went to today has a little cave we always have to walk through at some point.  As much as Lilly was petrified of the tiny waves, she had no problem walking through this rocky and DARK cave.  Silly girl.
And the pictures? I left my camera at home.  I have 2 rather mediocre pictures off of my cell phone.  Sorry. :(

And there you have it.  My biannual post to my blog.  Did I tell that my last post wasn't from me?  It was Rachel hijacking my blog.  I am glad I have a 14 year old that can be so on top of things.  She really does keep me in check. (tomorrow I'll tell you all about her dinners that she has been cooking for us!)

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