Wednesday, May 30, 2012

See!  I am back! (and in less than 6 months, which I'm taking as a victory.)    This week has been a busy week, complete with a Memorial Day bbq and s'more roast, a broken arm and a successful (at least I thought so!) mutual activity.  I am hoping that tomorrow is a little breather as Friday starts with the busy again.  I hate the word busy.

Our broken arm was compliments of Elise, again.  It was a reminder that we should not jump on the trampoline on Sundays.  I always remember my mom talking about all of the mistakes she would make in her sewing if she sewed on Sunday and apparently, the same goes for jumping.  Elise made major mistakes in jumping.  :) We don't normally let our kids jump on Sunday and if we ARE on the trampoline, it is as a family just kind of sitting around.  This Sunday some friends stopped by and the kids got restless.  We sent them out for a breather...and we probably shouldn't have.  The up side?  Rachel got to hang along for the doctor visit and enjoy understanding the medical speak from the doctor while I deferred to her for a translation. (after the doctor left, of course!)  And did I mention the cute slings we cranked out?  Elise has two choices, depending on the outfit and her slings come with pockets since she concerned about being short an arm to carry things.  Last night, she loaded up her pocket with little toys that needed to make the trip upstairs.

Do I hate my trampoline for breaking Elise's arm?  Nope.  Maybe I would if a bone had been sticking out of her arm.  Or if it required some horrible surgery?  But as it is, I view this whole broken bone part of childhood to be pretty normal.  We didn't get mad at our couch when she broke her other arm while monkeying around on it.  AND I feel like our trampoline provides the kids countless hours of fun and exercise.  Six years without an injury isn't bad!  Next week we get to go in for a more permanent cast, which I am sure will lead to countless hours of whining from Elise.  We'll just have to remind her that she DOES get to wear a pretty snazzy sling.  I'm sure it will make the itching all better.  

I'm grateful for a broken bone over appendicitis. (which my friend's boy had surgery for)  And I'm grateful for a cute little Lilly that has had a laundry list of injuries in the last 3 days in an effort to compete for attention.  It is borderline cute/obnoxious.

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Annalia said...

Poor Elise!

I think it's adorable that you made her slings with pockets. How sweet.

I love trampolines. They're so worth it. ...and all of my kids have been instructed not to tell Tony how Elise broke her arm until AFTER we have one. :)