Monday, April 8, 2013

general conference recap

Wasn't conference fabulous??  I went in with a few questions and a few thoughts that I was hoping for a little bit of enlightening on and, as always, I was not let down.  Within the first session, there was a talk that was just for me, packaged with a pretty bow and sent with love from our Heavenly Father that was a direct answer to one of my questions.

By the last session (hour 7 of sit down church for a certain 4 and 7 year old...) I had to retreat to the hallways to keep Lilly under wraps.  It seems like Sunday afternoon is always hardest for the littles, but Lilly and I had a little conference recap of our own.  She kept asking about different apostles that we had listened to.  And just in case I felt like the kids were a little wiggly and squirmy and maybe got minimal spiritual nourishment from the weekend, Elise made it all worth it.  Someone from primary came to "interview" her and wish her a happy birthday after conference.  One question was asking what she does that helps her testimony grow, to which Elise answered "General Conference".   When the primary president said something along the lines of her kids playing while they watched conference at home, my sweet seven year old said "We watch it at the stake center. It is so peaceful there."  (On a side note, I told Elise that her reverence at conference was associated to how soon she would get to watch conference in Salt Lake...and she was downright amazing.  Autumn said that she asked some pretty thoughtful  questions about the talks, too.)

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