Monday, April 1, 2013

lillyisms of the day

after asking Lilly to do something, she matter of factly stated "Actually, I would prefer not to."
And to her, that was the final word on the issue.

And the next lillyism comes with a little bit of a disclaimer.  My bad word of choice is crap.  I say it a lot.  Up to now, I have had the luxury of saying it at will while not having to hear my children say it.  Today, for some reason, Lilly made it her word of the day of sorts.  She was saying it all stinking day long!  So we decided to implement a time out for saying crap.  A minute later she says crab, but in a crap sort of way.  And then it was "cra...." when she dropped her pen. (and not the "cra" that was her catching herself, but it was said in a way where she was just trying to circumvent my new rule)
 "But I didn't say crap, mom."  Ugh.

Finally, back to the beginning of the day.  While the older girls were in piano, I decided to take Lilly and Elise to photography a nearby cemetery for Billion Graves.  Two rows into the cemetery, Lilly tells me she needs to go to the bathroom.  This is a pioneer cemetery with no bathroom facilities in it or near it.  I asked her to sit in the car to buy a little time while I finished the row.  (my memory doesn't allow me to stop mid row)  I return to the car and tell the girls to buckle up so we can go find a bathroom.  Lilly told me that she didn't need to go to the bathroom anymore.  I say a silent "yeah!" and bribe them with breakfast burritos to do a few more rows with me.  About thirty minutes later, I notice a suspicious wet mark on Lilly's rear.  When I asked her if she peed in her pants, she matter of factly denied all charges.  When I asked her again, she said that Elise had suggested that she pee in the grass behind the car while they were waiting for me.  Girls, we are not boys.  Peeing in the grass is not something we approach in such a willy nilly fashion.  It requires strategic squatting that shouldn't be attempted without me.  We had a nice talk about when we can and can't pee in the grass.  Cemeteries?  Nope.  And then we drove 15 minutes home and 15 minutes back to piano so we could get Lilly all cleaned up.  Guess what we talked about during the drive?  Yep.  When to pee on the grass and when not to.  I like to drive home a good point.


Jim said...

I'm sure your children pick up your many good traits just as well as they do your faults. Its just so much more noticeable when they mirror your faults. FYI, the term crap is derived from the name of the man who invented the flush toilet, John Crapper. Somehow it seems really wrong that we should have an expletive derived from his name.

Jim said...

So I did a little research and found out that the flush toilet was really invented by John Harrington in 1596. However, it was greatly improved and promoted by a London plumber, Thomas Crapper (born in 1836) who held a number of patents related to toilets.
Yet, according to wikipedia, the term crap is of Middle English origin and its use referring to excrement actually predates Thomas Crapper's career as a plumber. I apologize for the earlier misinformation. You'll have to come up with other reasons to eliminate that word from the Kang family discourse.

Annalia said...

Peeing in the grass (for ladies) is a much-neglected skill. I think I should have started mine working on it earlier. Good job.