Friday, September 12, 2014

the good, the bad and the downright cute.

And here are our uniforms that have arrived so far.  Lilly spent an afternoon in tears after finding out that her jumper was backordered.  The end of September seems as far off as Christmas to a 6 year old that just wants to wear a cute outfit.  Cute, right??  I have a laundry hamper just for them (theoretically.  I found towels in it today but I will get everyone trained.  Soon.)

Yesterday was a kind of sort of eventful day.  I heard a crash right after the girls had left to seminary.  Apparently it is easier to pull out of the garage if the garage door is open.  Go figure.  My car was stuck in the garage, I cancelled appointments and waited for a very nice garage door repair man to help free my car.  Today I got the estimate.  $1600 with the charge for freeing my car.  (it took a while  and was definitely worth it.)   Who needs a trip to disneyland when you can replace panels on your garage door, right?  Or college.  Or piano lessons for 9 months.  Plane tickets to Korea.  There are so many other things I rather spend money that I don't have on.  Everyone tells me to make her pay the bill, but she actually doesn't have $1600 sitting around.  Anywho.  Just kind of a bummer of a deal. Of course, I'm thrilled that she didn't hit another car.  I'm thrilled that nobody was hurt.  I'm thrilled that this was a rather minor event.  I'd be more thrilled if it wasn't costing an arm and a leg to fix.  The end.  And I am done with my rant for the day.  Maybe.  I actually can't promise that.

On a good note.  We only have 2/sort of 3 soccer games tomorrow.  Two of the girls have byes and one is opting for a bonus game because one game just wasn't enough.  ;)  It was actually a little sad to have Elise walk into the room and say "So...Who  is coming to my game tomorrow???" when there is no game tomorrow.  Apparently she didn't get the memo.  And I may have discovered that lavender is pretty delicious when sprinkled into bread.  I wish I could share it with the two of you that read this.  Chris was pretty bummed because it makes one loaf off limits to him.  I guess he should start liking lavender, eh?  Nah.  I don't like to share anyway.

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Andrea said...

I'm still reading! I'll have to try the lavender.