Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My poor neglected blog...

I just happened over to my blog and noticed that it has almost been a full year since my last blog post.  In my defense, this last year has been a doosy.  I have cried more this last year than I have any other year in my life.  I have struggled, I have been stretched and I have grown.  Quite honest rye, I couldn't blog because it was just too raw.   I am grateful to have made it with a few shreds of sanity left and think that this next year will be much better.  So here I am, in an attempt to bring my blog back to life.

School starts next week at the Kang Academy.  We have had an increase in funding (we partnered up with a local charter school to receive a curriculum stipend for each of my elementary students) so we are doing a few new and crazy things.

Uniforms.  Yep.  No, I am not a control freak parent that wants my girls to look all neat and tidy. No, I don't want to take away their individuality.  I am actually encouraging their individuality because they came to me and asked if they could wear uniforms this year.  I've let them all choose pieces that they love. Lilly wanted a jumper, knee high socks and a matching headband. (Sorry, Lilly.  No $13 headband for you!) Chloe wanted skirts, blouses and cute little Japanese Schoolgirl ties.  I can do that! I did not get Elise the gryffindor tie that she requested simply because I'm trying not to encourage her obsession with Harry Potter too much. I'm already considering putting all of the Harry potter books on a high shelf during the day just so she can do some school!  (She has reread the series countless times and is always reading one of the seven books) I am thinking of surprising her with a gryffindor tie for Christmas.  We'll see.

Lab kits.  I always put off science labs because we are missing this item or that item.  This year, we have all of the lab items in a handy spot and we are going to rock science.  We love apologia science like crazy and will be studying swimming creatures and land mammals. Apologia has a great way of  going into great detail with their science books while still keeping it interesting for all if my girls.  It is meant for k-5 but I think it is even good for middle schoolers.  Normally we order just one of their notebooks and make copies every lesson.   (Or just skip it because I'm too lazy to make copies) but this year, our sugar daddy charter school is buying notebooks for everyone.  Wahoo!!

History redone.  We've done story of the world for my older girls and they loved it.  My you gees have whined with it a little more and just haven't loved it.  My girls love literature so we are trying beautiful feet's history this year.  I haven't used them in the past because it can be kind of pricey to buy all of the accompanying literature BUT I think it's going to be spectacular.  I may have a history of judging a book by its cover and I'd say it works for me about 95% of the time. Every now and again, cute graphics are just a front for a pro communism book about a red balloon.  Anywho.  I think the literature used by beautiful feet is amazing, even if I haven't actually held it in my hand yet.  I have seen the cover, and that's like the same thing.

The last two pieces of our curriculum that throw us over the top? Korean (cute korean literature included!!) and Ukulele lessons.  I know I don't have pictures for this post, but just close your eyes and imagine my adorable daughters playing the ukulele IN THEIR UNIFORMS.  I know, right?  This year is going to be amazing. There is no way around it.  And, I'm going to have a lot more free time pretty soon, which will have to be a good thing. But more on that later.  (Or I'll cry some more.)

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Jim said...

Well done! I'm glad to see you back in the saddle.