Tuesday, January 5, 2010

oh, you poor neglected blog

Meet Oreo. He prefers yarn to dog toys, hasn't quite grasped the where and when of pooping and is always on the lookout for left overs. He is proving to be good therapy as Chris runs around the house with him and Chris swears that he has lowered his blood pressure.

How did this all come about? It all started with a fish. Yep. We went to the farm store in Forest Grove because the girls thought there needed to be a fish in Chris' stocking. There was sweet little Oreo, being the perfect small dog that I wanted in a nice little no-shedding package and being exactly what the girls wanted (a dog of any sorts) and kind of being what Chris wanted. (he did want A dog, but he was aiming for a chihuahua of a yippy, not child friendly sort) Since I didn't really want a dog at all, I kind of got to call the shots on breed. Sounds fair, right?

It worked out quite perfectly as the kids had been debating on what they wanted to do for Halmoni and Halapoji's present and here we are, 2 weeks later, being full fledged dog owners. Yikes.


Annalia Romero said...

How cute.

I'm trying to potty-train James right now, and that's bad enough.

Jennifer said...

Absolutely adorable little guy! In seeing this very cute photo, the name "Oreo" fits perfectly.