Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a riddle of sorts

On Sunday, our church now starts at 11:30, which means that Lilly is absolutely exhausted by the time church ends three hours later. Add in a 30 minute choir practice and she has had it. While checking my e-mail after laying her down, I glanced at the clock and thought "Oh, I guess the power went out a mere 56 minutes ago." Fast forward to Tuesday night. The clock still hasn't been changed (probably because I've been trying to hammer out a website or something) and I look at the clock again. This time I think "Cool. Since I haven't changed the clock, it says it is only 11:54. Sweet." What time did I *really* finally roll into bed last night?


Annalia Romero said...

Only 11:54? Your were up late, little missy! was I. For some reason, I thought today was Thursday. I guess I hate Wednesday so much, I was subconsciously trying to skip it. Hmmm. It'd be nice.

Jeszie said...