Sunday, January 31, 2010

tea party wrap up

Yes, my darling little Chloe is now on the eve of turning eight. She has been counting down to her baptism for a good year (possibly more but my memory just doesn't go back that far any more.) and had her heart set on a tea party. I tried my hardest, in a discrete manipulative mother way to persuade her to have a pioneer party, but she was set in her ways. (which is not normal as she is pretty indecisive and malleable but worked out for me this time as the tea party was so much easier!)
there were the cupcakes, which were super duper easy peasy. I even used store bought frosting. (audience: gasp!)
There were the ice cream balls that came as the result of a special request from the birthday girl. They would have been extra easy if it weren't for the first batch getting ruined because the freezer wasn't shut all the way. (we won't mention any names, but she sure was lucky that it was for her own stinking party!)

Beyond that, all of the food was store bought after a kitchen epiphany that reminded me that eight year olds don't care and that it just wasn't really worth it. The biggest hit? Hot cocoa with endless marshmallows and whip cream. (thanks, Shana!) We made some felted strawberries during the party and beaded some necklaces towards the end. All in all, a success. Why? I simplified. I spent less than $50 on the whole thing and didn't do anything for it until Thursday. And it went quite well (if I do say so myself), Chloe loved it is over. Yeah! 1 down. 3 to go.

Oh. These were the favor boxes. (Thanks, Kylene for the inspiration.) They are made from cups and topped with these flower barrettes that we made from an old white t-shirt. The total for 10 boxes? $6 flat, $5 of which went towards candy to fill them. As if the price didn't make them cool enough, the flowers look like icing on little cupcakes and look absolutely gorgeous in hair. Muy bueno.

The bad news? Although I didn't succeed at convincing Chloe to have a pioneer party, Autumn was eavesdropping and now has her heart set on one. I think I should start sewing now. See how I make my life difficult?


nikko said...

What a pretty birthday party! Happy Birthday, Chloe!

Jennifer said...

Such a beautiful Birthday party! I love the flower barrettes you made! You wouldn't by chance have a little tutorial of sorts for those? I'd be really interested!:0)

I also loved the post you wrote about physical/ spiritual therapy for your husband. I love hearing about these modern day miracles. So awesome!!!!

I need to re-read the post you wrote about a low sodium diet. We are trying to do better. It's a goal of ours. I just "die" when I read how much sodium is in a can of chicken noodle soup- gulp.

Annalia Romero said...

Those do look like gorgeous cupcakes! - the favor boxes, I mean. Maybe, if I'm a really good girl, I'll let myself make some after school tomorrow. party sounds fun. We should have a "sewing party" to get ready for it. :)

Paige said...

I'd be interested in a tutorial too--I saved the picture in my ever growing "idea" folder.

I LOVE the tea party idea & it looks so dainty and magical! Good job, Mama, and Happy Birthday, Chloe!