Monday, March 1, 2010

the 3 wee bears

Rachel apparently knows me well enough to know that when she is babysitting, I would like to come home to a cleaner house or to come home knowing that the girls were doing something so fabulous with their time that cleaning would seem altogether trivial.

While we were at the temple, we got two phone calls from home. The first one was asking permission to use my makeup. (at first, they got a resounding "No way!". After a little explaining that they were needing stage make up for bear noses, I couldn't resist.) The second one was requesting that I bring primroses home with me. After a little investigating, I found that they were looking for cut flowers in general and once again, I couldn't resist, coming home with a few bundles of daffodils.
Chris and I came home to tickets to the girls' production of The Three Little Bears, complete with stage (don't you love backdrops), curtain, set changes and 3 of the cutest bears of all time. I can't decide if my favorite part was Autumn's tie and glasses perched on her nose, Hannah's freckles or Elise's fake crying for her part as baby bear. Let's just say that it was the hit of the season and that it was so good that I was ok with the pigsty that we came home to. It reminded me of the plays that the March's attic must have seen. Oh, my sweet little women!


Linda Tunnell said...

Oh, thats so sweet Sarah! Hey, they have a two yr. nursing program in Salem!

Paige said...

So so SO cute! I love reading about your girls!
I remember putting on a show for my parents when they came home from a date night. I don't remember the details, but my two brothers were cowboys and I was in a ballet tutu.

Annalia Romero said...

That's Kang-dorable!

Jane said...

My kids use my backdrops for the same thing! Love it! They are, as usual, adorable!