Tuesday, January 29, 2013

(a totally unrelated picture)

I am already out of things to blog about?  Two posts and I've said everything that needs saying?  I'm digging for something, really.  :)

This year I am attempting to slowly ease myself back into the scrapbooking world.  I used to be quite the avid (or addicted, I guess) scrapbooker.  As the years have passed, I have turned more to digital scrapbooking just out of convenience. (And because, quite frankly, I don't spend a fraction of the time that I used to on crafts in general)  The sad part is that the girls really don't enjoy the digital books nearly as much as they do the "old fashioned" scrapbooks.  They are always pulling out the big and clunky books to look through and they barely touch the new ones.  In an effort to try to make something more personable for them to enjoy, I am attempting to do the Project Life album this year that I already told you guys about.  I say attempting because I've already missed several days.  And it is only January. BUT I have been journaling at least a little every night AND I have found myself taking pictures of everyday goodness instead of just pulling out the camera here and there.  So I might be cheating here and there, not having genuine pictures from everyday of the year, but we will have a much more thorough depiction of this year.  In theory, right?

Lilly's cute quote of the day:  After getting a smiley face on her hand at costco, I reminded her to say thank you to the nice costco lady.  She turns to her and says "Thank you!  I love you!", to which I responded with a reminder that we don't tell strangers that we love them.   She simply said "Mom!  She's the COSTCO LADY!"  Apparently costco ladies are not strangers.  :)

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Jim said...

I really love the totally unrelated photo. You have a gift for capturing the personality of your children in photos. Keep up the good work.