Thursday, January 17, 2013

genealogy goodness

I am in the process of scanning in large amounts of family history pictures and it is just so dang fun!  It is slow going as I am scanning in at a pretty large dpi, but I'm just plugging along.  I love that my mom's side of the family has a plethora of pictures that help paint an image of their lives, personalities and their priorities.  I can't help but think that my great great grandmother had a tender heart when I find her sweet notes on pictures of my grandma.  I love the mock letter from Santa that my grandma got.  It tells a story of how he came across her new teddy bear.

This brings me to our lovely package that we received today.  It was like Christmas, but way better.  My Aunt sent us some of her family treasures to enjoy and I don't think she could have prepared me for how cool it was going to be.  Amongst the treasures was a copy of Pollyanna.  Not only do my girls enjoy this as one of their favorites, but this particular copy was my great grandma's.  It was given to her by her grandma (now we're at my 3rd Great grandma) and she gave it to my grandma for Christmas one year.  We love it!!  There are many pictures that I am trying to match up with family, but I think there will be some that will always be a mystery.


Linda Tunnell said...

Yea Sarah's blogging again! Made my day ! I love that picture of my mom reading! Thanks sarah

Jim said...

I'm trying to follow your good example and get back to doing genealogy. You make me proud.