Saturday, August 27, 2016

Day 1 of the big experiment

Today started off with us waking up at 5:30 am thanks to our systems being a little off.  We're hoping that we sleep in a little later tomorrow.

Things we discovered today:
•most ATMs in South Korea don't take foreign cards. Yep, I still am penniless here in Daegu. 
•Appliance delivery is way more entertaining here.  Imagine a motorized pulley/ladder that parks outside your balcony. It was pretty impressive. 
•Jjajangmyeon tastes better when you get it for 3000 won (2.50) than it does when you pay $12. 
•Daegu has a great set up for interval training. Their streets are lined with adult playground equipment...little workout stations every 20 ft that exercises different parts of the body 
•Daegu Stadium is more than a stadium. It is this massive park with fountains, an area for riding rental bikes/segways/other wheeled toys, a track for exercising and if you're really lucky, a saxophone concert. (We have to go here again with all of the girls!)
•Our branch as 2 primary kids and 2 young women. We are doubling their numbers for the next two months IF we can find the building they meet in. The sister missionaries teach the young women classes, which should be a blast since the girls love sisters!
•My girls get along better when they are their only English speaking companions. 
•My Korean is already improving. This is less of a commentary on my newly acquired skills and more of a reflection on how ridiculously bad I am at speaking Korean.  basically, anything is an improvement. I am better at understanding as long as you talk to me about scheduling vs. your deepest desires.  I'm thinking that I should make up a list of the few subjects that I am comfortable talking about.  I can hand it to any Korean who is brave enough to talk to me! :) Hi, my name is Sarah.  I have the Korean vocabulary of a 3 year old and would love to tell you what food I like, where I am from or how old I am.  If you're willing to talk nice and slow, I might even be able to talk to you about our hobbies or families. 

Blessing of the day: Word travels fast.  I was worried about explaining the word of wisdom to our family but a friend of the family tonight said "no coffee?  No alcohol?", to which I also threw in green and black tea with my elementary Korean. I'm grateful for whomever it was that filled them in on our beliefs as my Korean couldn't have handled that. 


Cindy Gritton said...

W of W Blessings, free exercise equipment, and improved sister-al relations! Yes! I hope you make it to church okay (and on time!) tomorrow! <3

Stacey Wolfe said...

So impressive!! You can do this!!

TtownTammy said...

Keep it up, love reading your journey!