Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What I learned today:

What I learned today: 

1. Autumn is a whiney walking partner but she does make me laugh (Valerie, come walk with me!)

2. Daiso in Korea is cheaper and has cuter stuff. Oh, and it is right around the corner from us. What?!? (다이소=Daiso. Complete with fountains to play in)

3. I love having a handful of parks nearby for the kids to play at whenever they want to. (And I can see them from the balcony at one of the parks for an added bonus.)

4. Korean kids doing Taekwondo is great entertainment.  I'm ready to bribe the girls to sign up.

5. I am really enjoying an empty schedule.  Cooking, cleaning, going out on little explorations with no real responsibility outside of our tiny apartment.

6. Less is more. I'm really enjoying being in a small space with less stuff to take care of. Sweeping only takes a few minutes. Dishes? There are just enough for one meal so they're easy to wash. (Our broken dishwasher helped prepare me for this trip!)

7. I love being able to hand the girls $$ and asking them to walk over and buy some vegetable or fruit from the little fruit/vegetable stands that line the sidewalk outside the apartment. It's a super cheap farmer's market that is close by and open everyday. The equivalent of 1.50 buys me 6 big cucumbers. $3 buys me a big bag of Korean melons.   And there is a kimbop joint on every corner so the girls can just run out and pick up some kimbop!
8. Snow ice is delicious. I felt like a dork but all I found myself saying, over and over again, "it really does look like snow!"  Imagine snow made out of milk.  This is no shaved ice. I've just never seen or tasted anything like it.  I kind of helped scarf it down. Don't you worry. I took the stairs on the way back.

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