Saturday, August 6, 2016

the field trip of a life time

I've decided that I need to start blogging again.  I know.  I've decided it before only to quite again.  I'm not promising anything, but we are heading out on a pretty epic adventure and I just want to make sure it gets recorded!  In just a few weeks, after we drop Rachel off at BYU, we are flying to Chris' motherland. (No, not Mexico.  No matter how much Chris wants to claim Mexico as his home.)

We will be staying with his dear sweet 97 year old grandmother and other family in the area.  Because we are beginning adventurers, we are only going for two months.  I say only now but it could be a long two months.  I've signed up for a Korean class, which hopefully build on my very beginning Korean skills.  I'm hoping the little Kangs will pick up on a little bit of language without a class since I can't find a class for kids.  (I'd put them in school but the Korean school system has many characteristics that just might scar them for life)  Oh, and Chris will only be with us for 2 of the 8 weeks.  We plan on being serious tourists while he can help translate, but we will pretty much stay put in Daegu for the rest of the time.  (Until I get brave?)

So we will go to Korea.  We will hang out with our Daegu family.  We will eat a lot of amazing Korean food.  Kimbap, Bibimbap, Nangmyeon and a whole lot of Korean shaved ice. (which doesn't compare to Hawaiian shaved ice, says Chloe)  We will find bathrooms, we will ask for directions, ride public transportation and order food.   When we learn a little more Korean, maybe we will even do more than that.  Seriously, though.  We plan on attending the local Korean branch where I'm hoping the girls will at least learn some cute Korean primary songs.  We plan on doing touristy things, but more than that, we plan on living it up like some super white Koreans.   From what we read online, Daegu doesn't have a lot of entertainment and it is the hottest/most humid place in Korea.  Although humidity stinks, we are going to Daegu so we can spend time with "wang halmoni".  And to eat delicious food.  Let the adventure begin!

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