Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baby love and other Kangness

Not my baby, but still just as sweet.  These are from a family that I "shot" today. :)
One week old babies remind me of just how much Lilly has grown up.  Sigh.  It is so sad that it goes by so quickly, no matter how much you try to slow it down.  The little feet.  The cute little sneezes.  Yes, Lilly is so much fun right now with her giggling, clapping and standing up all of the time.  Still, a newborn baby is a different sort of  priceless and, no, I am not going to go do anything crazy!  (that was for Chris and my mom....didn't want to freak them out or anything)

On to other life updates:  Elise has slept in her dog house for almost a week now.  (A blanket over the table in her room)  Why do we buy our children beds?  It has made bed time so much easier.  Instead of lots of crying, I simply ask if doggy wants a "backpack ride" and my two year old doggy hops on, barking all the way, saying something about mommy doggy.  Just a few "woofs" later and she is off to doggy dream land.  It works like a dream! Rachel deserves all the credit for this one as she started it.  What a fabulous big sister, I tell ya!  

We are on tooth fairy watch at our house, too.  Chloe has two wiggly teeth and Hannah has her first wiggly tooth.  I have offered to pull out any teeth in exchange for an extended bed time, which has pretty much only made Hannah want me to pull out her tooth every night right around....bed time.  No, I am not a mean tooth pulling mom normally.  They just have these other teeth coming in that are in slightly nightmarish places and I am hoping that this might save us a few bucks on braces down the road.  I know....keep dreaming, girl.  I have a tooth fairy elf now (who finally figured it all out last year) who keeps me in check so I don't forget to deliver any "packages" when these said teeth do finally fall out.  She reminds me that night and will sneak into my room in the morning (after I forget) and sneak everything to...where it needs to be.  Hey, I don't call her my secretary for nothing!  Us moms don't have quite the memory that we used to and with Rachel being such a young spry, she makes up for the memory that I lost. (it did all start with her!)


bloodfamily said...

Sounds like you definetly have your hands full. girl. I still have all of the teeth that my kids lost - what amI going to do with them now? Don't know. My kids did the tent thing as well. Hey whatever works, right?

Ann said...

Do you think it would be possible for us to get you to take some Leete family pictures of us before Jennifer leaves for college? We drive off to Idaho Jan 2. When I said that we needed pictures taken, the kids all wanted you to do them!

Keira said...

Thanks so much for coming on Saturday. It was a bunch of fun even though the two-year-old of energy. Zach looks adorable in these pics.

Sarah said...


Absolutely...shoot my an e-mail. I miss you Leetes!