Saturday, December 6, 2008

Long overdue pictures

Due to a complete lack of brain cells, I never put up these pictures.  They are of our good friend, Wells, who headed up a bunch of guys to put in our sprinkler system....on a very rainy, rainy day.  Ah...if only the heavens had shined upon him as they did on Nike.  Sigh.  What can I say except that we definitely can't call these guys "fair weather friends".

UPDATE:  I have fewer brain cells than previously accounted for.  I can't even find the pictures that I just mentioned, but I really hate to waste all of my typing energy and not post at all, you go. :)  Did having children really eat away at my brain capacity that much?


Annalia Romero said...

I love you, Sarah, and not just because you make me feel less dippy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah. I feel a lot closer to you through these wonderful blogs you write. I try to read several times a week. You and your family, as well as all the other sisters and Jonathan, are very special to me. PLEASE tell Chris how proud to be a friend of yall's that I am (is that a sentence?)!!! Love to you and all the girls! Candy Mazock-Thoreson.