Friday, December 12, 2008

I need some serious help!

*this is for my mom, who has been asking me for the last month
 for a picture of Elise's new "doo"

Ok, so Chris might agree that I need some serious help, but this is a different kind of help than he thinks I need. :)  Chris is going to be returning to work next week. He'll be working from home some of the time, but some days will have him eating at work.  Having homeschooled all of our girls from the beginning, I am not much of a lunch packer.  If you add into this all of Chris' dietary restrictions, I am at a major loss.  I would love some help from the audience on this one.   Any lunch packing ideas?  Lunch meat isn't an option. (way to salty)  There can't be a lot of saturated fat in whatever it is and it really needs to be under 300 mg of sodium. (total)  Please help me! 

Today we are taking the girls to an assisted living home to play and sing some Christmas songs.  I figure it will go one of two ways.  I know they will play their piano songs, but when it comes to singing, either it will end up just being the adults singing because of all of the girls are huddling shyly behind me or they will sing proudly and a little bit louder than they should.  (Which is my preferred choice)  I never know when they girls (mainly Hannah and loud and outgoing ones) are going to turn shy on me.  It is somewhat unpredictable and sometimes I wish I had a little shy remote because sometimes I would like for them to be a little bit more shy (and please stop telling everyone our complete family history!) and then there are the times when I wish they would at least say SOMETHING to the person talking to them. (Just a small "hi!"??) Ah, the unpredictability of motherhood!


Annalia Romero said...

I would think your bento boxes would be perfect for that! Given, some of them might be a little bit cutesy for Chris.
Pasta salad...fruit...kashi makes these nice little 7-grain(I think) packs that have 0 sodium and cook up really quickly. If you threw some vegis or fruits and lemon juice/evoo in with one of those, I would like it...Chris? I have no idea!

Sarah said...

Those are great ideas! Is the Kashi pack in with the pastas or in the "whole foods" section? We had kim bop last night for dinner (think California roll with whatever you want in the middle?) and I made a ton extra for today's lunch. I am thinking that they would work perfect for Chris' lunch, too!

Anonymous said...

* Uncooked veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, celery sticks, carrot sticks. Drizzle lemon juice and a pinch of ground black pepper, and it's a tasty, healthy portion of a meal

* Baked chicken breast sliced, lightly spiced (i.e. ground black pepper, paprika, mustard seed, etc.)

* Whole grain roll as a starch

* Whole grapes in a bunch or any simple fruits like apples, pears, etc. would make a great dessert

Here's a list of other low sodium foods:

Charlie B. said...

I'd need to double check on the sodium content, but good, old fashioned, peanut butter and jelly or if Chris likes honey, peanut butter and honey, make great sandwiches. Toss in the lunch bag a piece of fruit (like an apple, orange, or bunch of grapes), plus unsalted potato chips and voila! you have an all-American lunch.