Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our week in pictures

Our Christmas Story play....minus Elise since she insisted on playing 
with playdoh in the other room.  Those rebellious 2 year olds!
Mary, Joseph (the one making the funny face) and baby Jesus

Not exactly sure what Hannah is doing here, but these are her new pj's.  
They all fit pretty well except Lilly's pants, that are now Elise's.

Sweet Lilly Lu in her dress that Komo gave her.  Stinking cute, she is.


This will soon be a fairy house, kind of like this one.  Just don't
say "those 5 words" to Autumn because she loves her fairies.

I am sorry guys, but I just don't have the time or brain power today, so here are some pictures from the Kang Christmas, in all of the glory of my kids, their incooperative spirits and my camera's temper tantrum.  (Behave, camera, behave!  It is either that I need a new battery or that my camera is dying.  I am really hoping it is the battery, but it is appearing that the new battery isn't fixing the problem.  No!!)


Mike & Becky said...

Mom and I are trying to figure out which 5 words we aren't suppose to say

Sarah said...

I cant say it (or type it), but think of the more recent Peter Pan and I.D.B.I.F. :) Autumn takes it quite seriously.