Thursday, August 13, 2009

modest is hottest

Today I got to talk with 48 lovely 10-11 year olds about modesty and it got me wanting to chime in here about it all. We had some fun times putting together modest outfits out of Rachel's closet, with the help of shade shirts. (and of course, doing our share of accessorizing) These girls had some style, putting together some pretty chic outfits.

The most profound thing that the girls put together today? The idea that if you dress as if you respect your body, you will attract boys who respect your body. If you dress as if you have no respect for your body....yep. A wonderful truth that I hope every one of those girls remembers as they go through the next 10 or so years. It makes me sad to think that there are so many girls out there that are not taught the basics of covering up and respecting their bodies. On the other hand, I am so grateful that for every trashy trend out there, we have some fabulously modest trends on our side. Longer shirts, Bermudas, Capris, layering....I think it is quite the blessing to have these tools!

The real lesson from today: modest brings immediate blessings, like repaired computers. After completing a day of "modesty training", I came home to my computer, restored in all of its glory. I informed Chris that he should probably go down and give the girls dinner, as I was going to be busy. (just kidding, guys! I did not sit out on dinner for my computer. I waited until after bedtime, thank you!)


Annalia Romero said...

so glad you're back! you know - you can still call me, even though Tony's around. he doesn't mind. :)

Linda Tunnell said...

Yea for modesty!Was the achievement day camp great!?We still have the zions camp reserved if we want it...she called the other day. Everyones up for it, how about you guys! Sept. 25,26,27th? Let me know