Tuesday, August 18, 2009

typing the day away

The click clack of the typewriter has become a common sound around our house and I love it! I think most people underestimate the power that the click clack ding can have on you, but it appears that it does influence one to run out to the nearest thrift store and buy a type writer of one's own. (Just ask Faith!)

Yes, it is fun to see all of the "documents" the kids create. Yes, I have already used it to create some of mine own. (all of them being short of "1"s since that is our typewriter's biggest shortfall)
Yes, it was a challenge trying to explain to Chris why our kids are drawn to a typewriter instead of a computer. "You know, you can make the computer click clack, too?" The best part? Hearing the click clack and realizing that it is coming from Elise. She will type for a good 20 minutes at a time and emerge with her document, explaining the m's, s's, a's and o's that her page is full of and mimicking the clicks, clacks and dings that she heard while typing.

a royal aristocrat typewriter: $4
6 ribbons of ink: $28
listening to my 3 year old type away the day: priceless


Annalia Romero said...

isn't it though....priceless, I mean.

I'm enjoying listening to Anthony read "Beginning Programming for Dummies" out loud to me. (He HAS to share all of the funny parts.)

I need to order some more ribbons for our typewriter. I'll just add that to my eternal to-do list!

Paige said...

Wow, now I want one. The part about Elise is what clinched it, since she's just older than Chick & it made me think, "I bet Chick would go crazy with a typewriter."

Sarah said...

I think it is ideal for their age, although I am thinking she broke it today. I think it is minor and....still worth it.