Sunday, August 2, 2009

dinner reservations


my dear sweet husband is accepting dinner reservations. Yes, I am abandoning him for the week for sewing camp, part deux. This leaves him with only one option, and it is a desperate one. Sushi, every night. (okay, so maybe not his only option, but he is limited.) He is witty and entertaining (when he isn't pulling my leg into believing that he had to be rescued from Netarts Bay in a clamming trip gone bad!) and the plus side of his stroke and recent weight loss? He doesn't eat much. Heck, Rachel out eats him.

On a serious note: If he looks like he is withering away, he might have run out of blueberries. (Yes, every one of those 132 lbs) Send him to Gordon's Acres, immediately. But first ask him who got blueberries on my sheets.

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Annalia Romero said...

Man, now I feel guilty! I'll have to send Chris sushi one night!