Friday, February 8, 2013

family history friday

Last week I told you about my great grandfather, Guy Dudley Tunnell and going deeper than the pictures on my walls.  What I didn't tell you was that I mailed off a little note to my great uncle asking for a few stories about my grandpa.  One of the little perks about doing genealogy is getting little surprises in the mail.  It really is fun!  I heard back from Uncle Joe in record time and loved his sweet little letter.    He told me a little bit more about how my great grandma and great grandpa met!  You know how I told you that they lived next door to each other?  Apparently, my g grandpa liked to tease my g grandma about always coming over to "visit his dad", when she was really coming to flirt with my g grandpa.  Uncle Joe surmises that there had to be some truth to this since his mom blushed every time his dad told the story.         I also found out that not only was Guy blind as he got older, he never had good vision in his left eye.  (he could only tell light vs. dark in that eye!)                      
          And now for my little plug.  Gosh, I love that site.  It really does make doing genealogy more accessible, more exciting and easier to organize.  I don't know what I do without it!  If you haven't had a chance, I highly recommend getting a trial and playing around on their site.  Heck, that is where I found proof that my grandma got a little speeding ticket. (that she denies)  They have access to many newspaper articles that tell way more about our ancestors' personal life than newspapers currently do.  Their collection of census records, draft registrations and so on are really fun to look through.  Enjoy!

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Linda Tunnell said...

Awesome!! So glad you guys wrote to people who won't be around much longer, fabulous stories and information!
Did anyone write to Aunt Anne or should I??