Monday, February 18, 2013

family history fronday

In a prebirthday/new beginnings is only in 2 days hysteria, I completely forgot About family history Friday.  I know!! I was reminded by my More schedule minded child on Saturday but I was just to dang stressed to do it until today.  Rachel is 15 now and new beginnings turned out fabulously so now I can sit down and make up for my blogging blunder.  (Which can't be any bigger than me thinking I had finished the 3rd season of downton Abby when I had actually missed the finale and its tragic ending!!)

I just finished making a small book through heritage makers that is basically just a reprint of my grandmothers baby book.  I scanned in every page and threw them into a book thAt will hopefully turn out.  The sweetest part of her baby book (ranked right before the pages that are titled "first creeping" and "first short clothes") are all of the heartfelt messages that her mother included (they were short but sweet!) here are few of the excerpts:

first short clothes: She began wearing her short dresses when between 3 and 4 months of age.  Her grandmother Israel shortened her slips when she was here to visit her in May.

pets and toys:  Her big cat, Tom, is her especial delight at the present.  She has always loved him.  Also her English Calico, Nappy, she loves too.  For Christmas, she received a kiddy car, a rockie rooster and any number of toys which she had great fun with.

mother's notes: I took her bottle away from her before she was a year old and she did not seem to miss it.  She started eating cereal, apples in all forms, toast, potatoes, custards, etc.  Ate 3 of her meals with us and had one of her own at 2:00 pm.  While we visited in Dayton in 1929, her grandad taught her to wink one eye at the age of 18 mo.  She was everyone's pet at that time.  We enjoyed our visit there so much.  Our visit was saddened by the death of "grandad" Jochen of whom she thought much.  She always had a smile for him and he in turn just worshipped her.  I almost believe she will always remember him.

And Friday was a happy mail day...Uncle Joe wrote me back with more exciting details about my great grandpa! (And, as an extra bonus, my dad blogged more about him!)

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