Thursday, February 21, 2013

my grandma mcallister's baby book (in a more durable form)

Among the many treasures my mom and I have come across lately was the baby book that my great grandmother kept on my Grandma McAllister.   It is falling apart (with it being 85 years old now!) and not really in a state that would allow our kids to look through it without me hovering over them.  This was on the top of my family history project list since it was, by far, the easiest. :)  I scanned in the pages and uploaded them to Heritage Makers. (they are the only ones that have a book that is the right dimensions!)  I only ordered one book because I knew it would either turn out horrible or just the way I imagined.  I've been waiting hesitantly to see how it would turn out, planning on ordering a bunch of them if it turned out alright and counting it as a minimal loss if it didn't.

The package came yesterday and I was thrilled to see it turn out exactly how I imagined!  I made every person that walked into my house yesterday look at it. (Ok, the only person I really had to MAKE look at it was Chris. I also made him say affirming statements about how lovely it had turned out. Yep, I'm that wife.)   And I might have facetimed my mom to show it off to her too.  :)  A person with a certain amount of self control might have been able to hold off until April's birthday to show her, but I am definitely not that person.

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