Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lilly, Lilly, Lilly.

Lilly has always been one to explain how she is feeling and why, despite the fact that she is only four.  She has been doing it since she could talk and yet it still surprises me when she does.  Silly me.  Yesterday she came to me with a photo album from when she was a baby, sobbing.  She proceeds to tell me, through the tears, that she wishes that she were still a baby.  If she were a baby, everyone would love her and think she was cute. (Sorry, Lilly, everyone still thinks you are cute!)  What I didn't know until later was that Lilly had been blacklisted from their room because of her refusal to clean up a mess that she had very willingly helped make.  This caused her big sisters to say some hurtful things that lead up to this breakdown (which they shouldn't have, obviously!).  I just thought it was kind of adorable that her solution to the whole thing was not to clean up her own dang mess but to yearn for the days when she was younger. (even though she is pretty little still)  
Lilly, if you were a baby, you would not have been allowed to ride on Rachel's back for this run. 


Annalia said...

Sofia still does the exact same thing.

Linda Tunnell said...

such an easy solution mom!
More sledding pictures mom!
Please disable your thing at the bottom! please