Monday, May 11, 2009


While quickly perusing the local Barnes and Noble for a photography book, I came across our family's new evening read.  Tumtum and Nutmeg is a story about two mice who live in the grand Nutmouse Hall. They are charitable mice, who give to all sorts of charities (including one for hiccuping mice), and are quite concerned about the two motherless children that live in their house.  I've been reading it aloud to the girls at night and from Elise to Rachel, it has captivated us all.  We have even ran into the problem that I tend to have every time I read aloud to the girls....the sneaky "read-aheads".  (This time she completely gave it away by leaving the book in the bathroom.  Only one of the girls has taken after her dad in this lovely little habit!)  We definitely recommend this tale of mice, complete with sweet artistry, to all of you.  Don't tell....but I read ahead while everyone was sleeping, too.  (just not in the bathroom!)


Annalia Romero said...

My library doesn't even have this book! Must be new.

Sarah said...

I got mine (hardback, of course) for 13.99 and it is actually 3 books compiled together. (that is with my education discount) Barnes and Noble.