Sunday, May 31, 2009

I nominate Saint Jill (AKA: Miss Jill, piano teacher extraordinaire or to the rest of the world: Jill Austin)

For the past 4 years, we have been taking piano lessons (a la Suzuki) from the most amazing piano teacher west of the Mississippi.  Miss Jill (St Jill, with the patience of an angel, takes on any personality type and helps them develop a love of music.  This, in turn, makes me just want to hug her every time I see her.  She speaks in a soft voice, commands respect by giving respect, has her own set of mad piano skillz and as a bonus, has gotten us Kang girlies into old children's books and bird watching.  I have pictures of the girls at lessons, but they just can't capture the payoff.   Watching your children use the piano to express their feelings and listening to the beautiful music that they can now create is priceless.  Thank you, Miss Jill.  Yes, we could probably have a nicer house or a fancy car, but I wouldn't trade any of that for what we get from piano lessons.   (Although, last year I did try to get Chris to buy a house down the street from her.  Close to Nike?  Nah.  Close to Ms. Jill?  You betcha.)

If anyone is interested, she is starting a Kindermusic class of sorts for ages 3-5.  It will be 2 times a week and will prepare them for Suzuki.  At only $25/month, this is a steal for such a wonderful teacher. She will be teaching them to sing all of the book one songs in solgege (do re mi, which I can't even do and really helps them), they will learn the fine art of bowing and do other musicky things.  Let me reiterate: anything Ms. Jill does regarding music with your child  is wonderful and will foster a love of music in them.  

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Linda Tunnell said...

I know I love Miss Jill! She is awesome in action! And priceless what shes done for my grandchildren! We LOVE miss jill