Wednesday, May 13, 2009

to do lists make me tired

Next week is our much anticipated Outdoor School up in the shadows of Mt. Ranier. (Hannah: Is Mt. Ranier a volcano?  Mom: Yes.  *long silence*  Chloe: Don't worry, Hannah.  We'll be having so much fun that we'll forget it is a volcano.)  With this and the many things that I committed to doing (not because I over committed, but because all of us moms have to do things to make it work, right?) and the many things that I have to pack....I am feeling a little stressed.  So.  You ask yourself, what does Sarah do when she is stressed and gets all of the kids to bed?  Watch "Castle and spray paint chairs?  You betcha.  I can learn how to make paper and fix my serger another time.  Saturday, maybe?  In between a temple trip, a photo session, stake conference and some garden planting?  Sure.  Off to spray paint.  Otherwise known as: procrastination.  


Paige said...

Oh, Castle! I love it! I'm just bummed that it's on so late...wait, I thought you didn't have tv?

Annalia Romero said...

I love you, Sarah. Watching Castle and spray painting sounds like so much fun! I would do it, but I've run out of things to paint.

Sarah said...

fake tv....a la internet. I use it and forbid my children. Hypocrisy at its best. :)