Friday, June 12, 2009

camp recap

Yes, Chris came for his nightly visits. (I think he felt challenged after my comments about his disdain for camping.  That and he likes to play with fire.)  Our days were filled with hikes and bike rides that inevitably took us down steep trails and finding an alternative trail back up that was always just as steep. 

There were butterflies and caterpillars found, beaver sightings, a little bit of horse stalking (all for Hannah!) and scenic views.  For anyone that hasn't been to Stub Stewart: Go! (Just don't rent a cabin when we want to be there.)  When you look around you, all you see is tree covered hills as far as the eye can see.  Breathtaking, I tell you.  

The girls all rated the trip at a 9 out of 10, with their reasoning for their one point deductions varying from mosquito bites, minor injuries or the 30 minutes of rain that we had on our last day.  I think our trip was a success if that is all they can complain about.  Rachel was off bike riding for the majority of the trip, although I think she needs to learn an alternative to bribing her friend's big brother to carry her bike back up the hill.  We enjoyed identifying all of the many varieties of wild flowers and even found out (at the end of our trip) that we shouldn't be picking them.   Stub Stewart Park, we will be back.  (After I recover, that is.  Nevermind.  Star Party this Saturday night...if the weather cooperates we will be back before Stub Stewart recovers)  And we just rented a yurt for the beginning of July at the beach.  Dutch Oven, dear, we have a date.

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