Wednesday, June 3, 2009

new items at our house

No, you probably won't find a ton of gap clothes for your children in near perfect condition when you are out garage sale-ing in our town.  You probably won't find the latest and greatest baby gear, either.  But if you are seeking great vintage items for your home, Forest Grove is the place to be.  Last Friday, we hit the jackpot!  We found this classic "Telephone Table", that was just a small piece of material away from being perfect for our entry way.  We came across a Country Sale, that was very much so just that.  After going further and further into the country, I was happy to see the drive pay off as we came across a whole bookshelf of vintage Little Golden Books that were priced at a quarter a piece.   On the non-vintage front, we scored two sewing machines (in great condition) for $5. (Not $5 a piece, but $5 for both of them!)  As soon as Rachel and Autumn get their room in order, we are going to start working on a sewing corner for them.  I must say that I think our garage sale day was a great success and made me love Forest Grove that much more. 


Annalia Romero said...

That telephone table is the cutest thing ever! Do you actually have a phone jack near it, because a bucket phone would be adorable on it!
It sounds like we're all set for sewing machines at sewing camp! I can't wait!

Rachel Wessel said...

I love garage sales for exactly that reason!!!