Tuesday, June 30, 2009

cheap thrills (well, $12.99 thrills)

When I saw this cute cherry chomper at Angry Chicken, the box of cherries on my countertop practically drove me to New Seasons to join in the cherry chomping fun. Our dilema at the store? Do we purchase the one cherry at a time cherry chomper for $12.99 or the 6 cherries at a time blah plain cherry pitter for 14.99? As you can see, cuteness won the day. Chloe's solution? Buy both. When telling Chris, he agreed. Dang. But here is the ultimate reason for buying the cute instead of the practical: Would my daughters hurry through with their jobs for the honor of pitting cherries with a blah plain cherry pitter? I think not. The biggest problem? Enabling Chris. I knew I was in trouble when he commented on how much yummier cherries are pitted.

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Annalia Romero said...

Cool, I want one!

I bought fabric last night. katie jump rope. I got 24 or so different kinds. hope you like them!