Monday, June 8, 2009

out on another Kang adventure

After our run in with Stub Stewart state park for the lovely star party, I (on a whim) made reservations at one of their cabins for two nights.  Fast forward a month or two and our party has increased two families and we are in the process of loading our car for our little adventure.  This adventure includes my first fire starters that I made last week, my 6 year old virgin dutch oven   (that will come back nice and worn in), my new charcoal chimney and 5 (yes, you read that correctly) bags of marshmallows.  What could go wrong as long as we have those ingredients? 

Wish us luck and we will see you again on Wednesday. (or Thursday if I am completely wiped out from all of this fun!)  The only ingredient missing?  Chris.  He, conveniently, has to work. (or something lame like that!)  Chris has a love/hate relationship with camping.  He loves putting bugs on people and playing all sorts of camping related pranks on people, but he hates pretty much everything else involved. (especially the lack of indoor plumbing.  Even if they have bathrooms, his idea of going to the bathroom in the middle of the night does not include needing a flashlight.)  I digress.    Luckily, I think he can still make it to heaven because Gordon B. Hinkley's son once talked about how much his dad hated camping.  It can't be too big of a fault, right?   (I think I just heard Chris sigh in relief)

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Andrea said...

You guys should try the deluxe yurts at Umpqua Lighthouse. They've become our favorites. Bathroom, kitchen sink with hot water, and refrigerator, and heating, not to mention tv with vcr/dvd player. Absolutely my favorite kind of camping! :)