Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Sometimes, I am lucky to just keep all of the balls I am juggling in the air.  Most of the time, I am busy picking up the balls that I keep on dropping.  Today was one of those days full of juggling, yet enjoyable.

What have we been up to?  Yudu-ing with Kylene.  Picnics in the backyard.  Gardening.  Cooking up bok choi (from our garden).  Cleaning.  Laying out my zig zag quilt, finally.  Watering the garden.  Washing off Lilly, who plays in the mud while I water. Watching Monsters vs. Aliens at McMenamin's.  (dinner and a show for $31.)  Cleaning the footprints from everyone who played in the mud while I watered the garden.  Weeding.  Bedtime.  Hanging out with Chris while laying out my zig zag quilt, again.  Piecing my zig zag quilt.  Blogging.  Back to piecing.  Sleep will be next on the list, theoretically.

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Beth Tunnell said...

Can't wait to see your zigzag quilt! And next time we visit we may have to plan around what is being played at McMenamins.