Friday, July 31, 2009

Me thinks this might be paradise...

You might remember a little incident a few months back involving a certain daughter and the letter e? I hate to admit that I have been typing with a defective keyboard since then and probably still would be if not for my husband, who took me to Best Buy and left the store not only with a new keyboard, but a very happy wife. Can I tell you how nice it is to type away without having to give special attention to each "e" that comes up? In fact, I was so happy that I "sharked" the downstairs as soon as I got home. (love the shark, but I can't wait to steam the floor on a cooler day)

How else do I know that Chris loves me? (besides the obvious that he is still here, right?) We have a little dating ritual that has been going on for the past 2 years that includes dinner and a trip to the bookstore. This trip to the bookstore normally involves us perusing the aisles alone, meeting up every so often and us leaving with Chris, empty handed, and me, with at least one new treasure. For the past two years, I have assumed that this is a mutually enjoyable outing as Chris seems happy enough and I know that I sure love a trip to the bookstore. Tonight, the truth was revealed. I forget how it was brought up, but it slipped that Chris doesn't like this at all! (Ok...not COMPLETELY surprising as his reading is normally limited to checking out his websites, but if you know my husband....he normally lets his mind be known on things like this!) Yet still, he took me to Barnes and Noble (thank you, homeschooling discount!) and let me wander through the aisles, enjoying the quiet and leaving with my arms full of treasures....including this fabulous journal, that shouts for me to write in, and a new read. (I'll tell you about Syrie James' book about Charlotte Bronte soon!)

Side note: When Rachel saw my new book, she was bummed because she was going to buy it for my birthday. Isn't that sweet? She saw it mentioned on the cover of the other book and new her mom is a Jane Austen fan. Points earned, Rachel.

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Jennifer said...

What a great idea for a date night and a very thoughtful husband. Love the journals!

I don't have a tree skirt pattern to offer, but the fabric you've chosen is gorgeous. I love that color of green used in Christmas decor and can totally "see" this fabric made into a tree skirt. Sounds like a fun project!