Tuesday, December 15, 2009

because I said so!


•My children will wake up and play quietly while mommy sleeps in, even though they have cousins here to run about with.
•A certain 3 year old (and her partner in crime) will not draw on my fridge with permanent marker AGAIN.
•The magic eraser I go buy will take off all signs of previous art work on the fridge. (and the table.)
•We will be watching Elf at the Grand Lodge (and they won't cancel this time.)
•The UPS man will deliver my Christmas cards way before his normal delivery time of 5pm so I can stick the cards in their envelopes and drop them off at the post office before closing.
•I will stay up late working on jammies instead of surfing. (the net, of course)
•I will sip my peppermint tea in my splendid new mug (a la anthropologie) in the shadows of our Christmas tree, in absolute silence. (of course!)

How do I know all of this? Because I said so, of course. (And everything us moms wish for comes true, right? RIGHT?) And just because I am feeling especially upfront with all of you blog friends out there, I am not going to schedule this post to publish at a reasonable hour so you can see just how late I have stayed up tonight.

update: Erase all of that. Really, I would just like my hot water to work today.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Hope everything on your list "came true!" (Including hot water :0) )